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I'm Ethan, hit me up. Fake gay nerd in Ireland. I just pretend to be feminist so girls will like me. Stay a while and talk to me while i cry about comics and get angry about video games. Under no circumstances should you mention the star wars prequels or the last ten minutes of mass effect 3 :)))))))
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another another tags to type and post the tag that comes up

  • she
  • he
  • they
  • im
  • yea
  • well
  • if
  • ok

i talk so much bullshit in the tags i love it. that last one tho

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i want to create a tv show about a group of friends where they’re all queer except the one token cishet friend who’s only there to say stereotypical “straight” things for laughs like “macklemore got me into rap” and “my mom and i got into a fight because she wouldn’t buy me a fourth obey snapback”

Or we could just stop stereotyping people.

you’re cast

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if u think misgendering is ever funny or okay you need to unfollow me right this very instant and punch yourself in the face

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Andrew Garfield is someone I’ve wanted to work with ever since I first saw him on screen. I immediately thought, ‘This kid can act… he can really act!’ He’s one of the most emotionally available actors in our age group, and he takes himself about as seriously as I take myself - which is probably too seriously. We had a really good time on set battling it out when we had to battle it out, but then we also had a fun loving time when we had to. I think there’s a mutual respect between us that has kind of taken us through this entire project in a really beautiful way.

Dane DeHaan on working with Andrew Garfield

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You don’t have to FEEL like working out to work out. Not feeling like doing it, has nothing to do with it, just get on with it, JUST DO IT.

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in Canada they don’t pronounce Z as "zee"

they pronounce it as "zed" and that is crazy to me

it sounds like they made a typo when they invented it

They do that everywhere in the world that’s not America. We do that here in the UK too.
America is weird man.

zed is fuckin weird i stand by this where are you even getting zed from the letter z for real it’s zee

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Sebastian Stan at Jane Eyre New York Premiere  3/9/2011

Forreal I am constantly seconds away from writing sonnets about this white boy. I haven’t thought about sonnets in years. If you told me to identify a structure of a sonnet or else my family will burn, I would tell you, “Well, I guess I just made peace with their deaths.”

But here I am. On wikipedia. Looking up “sonnet.” There’s seven different types of sonnets. That’s one rhyming scheme per sex position I wanna see Sebastian Stan in, AND I’M GONNA WRITE THEM ALL.


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